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Melanie van der Westhuizen, Paarl

I feel so confident and well equipped to go to a Seller now, as an agent and Home Stager.  Now I can do my presentation to the Seller as an agent and as a Home Stager!  I will always go that extra mile for my clients but now I can add even more value to my services but this time I can do a better home staging job and get paid for it!

This course was more than I have ever expected.  The tutor, Liesa is so thorough and really gives you all the practical information to be a successful Home Stager. The course really equipped me with the right tools to start my own business with confidence.  

The highlight of the course was that Liesa really gives you in depth information where to start looking for items you may need.  The assignment where I had to put a contract together, do an invoice and even creating a logo was absolutely worth the time and effort I have put in because after completion of the course, I just took the contract, the invoice and my logo to start my business.   

The availability and support of the tutor, Liesa during the course was so encouraging and it really motivated me to put in 100%.  She was always there for me with advice and to encourage me with her positivity.


What really made this course so fantastic, is that even now after I have done the course, I am part of the Home Staging WhatsApp group where you feel part of a family and everyone is so helpful and you will never feel you are alone.  You just pop a question and there will always fellow home stagers that will give you advice from their experiences.



Zukie Gxalaba, Malmesbury

Most of the time we think running a successful business starts with an idea, name and registration. I guess most of us under estimate the value of marketing. 

When I enrolled for the Get More Clients course, little did I know what to expect. To my surprise got more than I had bargained for.  Every week we had practical tasks and tools that you had to apply to your own business. These  made a huge impact in the day to day running of my business and building relationships with stakeholders.

If you're running a home staging business. And you are where I was a year ago.  I would strongly advise that you take up this course, immediately. It will change your life just like it did to my business. 

Thank you Liesa for this wonderful course. Great value for money and good investment. Keep up the good work.

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Charne Wentzel, Johannesburg

I thoroughly enjoyed this course. I appreciated the opportunity to work at my own pace and having access to you to meet up and ask questions. Your passion for this industry shines through as you continue to make yourself available to your students.


While some of the modules were good refreshers for me, the business and marketing section really challenged me to think differently on the topic. Thank you for the opportunity to complete an internationally accredited programme.

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Nikki Ascott, Cape Town

I have really enjoyed this course. As I went along through the modules, I realised this is exactly what I would like to do and make a success of it and I am keen to follow my passion.

The insight received from this course is remarkable.  All avenues needed are covered and now it is to put these into perspective and do what needs to be done to make a success of my new career.

The “do’s and don’ts” of home staging are informative and I will definitely carry this through going forward. I will definitely benefit from the contractual point as well as how to approach a project.  The costing and the amount of work that is involved with this is extremely insightful.

The course was very informative, however when all is new – it can also be a bit daunting.  It is a breath of fresh air to know that the support of the group and you is there for backing.

I am extremely excited to get going and build relationships with those that assist me with my new venture as well as gain knowledge along the way.

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Gugulethu Kubekha, Johannesburg

The course has exceeded my expectations way more than I’ve anticipated and on point. Liesa is more like a mentor to be quite honest I was expecting her to be like that and I liked that she didn’t spoon feed us but allowed to do things on our own so that we can get the feel of things.


The highlight of the course for me was on a legal and financial aspects of the company, how to quote and source, draft a contract etc. I enjoyed the whole particle parts mostly as it gave me the sense of directions and how to start up my business.

I am so grateful to Liesa for this course. She has given me sense of direction and confidence to start my home staging business. I really enjoyed it.

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Michelle Trueman, Cape Town

What an enriching course this was. I did not realize it would encompass everything from quoting to marketing. All you need to start your own business wrapped up in one course.


I really enjoyed the assignments after each module. It just helped cement what I've learned. It all really came together at the end with the final project.

I absolutely loved planning, sourcing and then finally staging on the day. Thank you Liesa, for the feedback, the suggestions, the words of encouragement and everything in between. You really have something special here.

Staging by students

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Alexa Rex, Pretoria

Alexa has completed two courses with me:

This is what she said about the Business course:

This course was so informative. I am adding this service to my professional home organising business. Liesa is a knowledgeable instructor and is passionate about growing the Home Staging industry in South Africa. Thank you so much Liesa!!

And about the Marketing Course:

I’ve recently completed the Get more Clients Marketing course. Having no knowledge of marketing this course taught me how to promote my business & get clients. Liesa is a proficient presenter with a wealth of knowledge. I recommend this course for all Home Stagers. Thank you so much Liesa.

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Talita van Zyl, Pretoria

The course definitely exceeded my expectations. I learned more about home staging and setting up a business. All topics like costing and marketing were addressed. It empowered me to start up my own business. I particularly enjoyed the practical exercise with my first buddy, to role play discussing staging with a client.


The more I learned about staging, the more I changed my idea from doing occupieds to concentrate more on empty spaces. But time will tell where life is going to lead me.