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Get More Home Staging Clients 

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Who should do this course?

* Anyone in any country who is already running a home staging business & needs help with marketing and getting a steady flow of well paying clients

* Interior designers or other design lovers who feel they do not need a foundational home staging course and who want to attract home staging clients immediately.


Make 2021 the year to grow your business

by getting more clients


There's so much opportunity out there to get home staging clients.


Are you tapping into it? Or are you feeling frustrated and not sure where to go from here? Do you feel like you're getting kicked in the teeth each time you try?

I hear you! I've been there. I'm on the other side now with a steady flow of clients and business, and ready to share my knowledge and experience with you.

This two-month online course shows you how to grow your home staging business by attracting more real estate agents, private sellers and developers.

That's what you want, right? So register and let's get going!

Liesa x

What you'll learn - in detail

Module 1:

Have you got the right mindset?

  • In this module, we focus on why your mental attitude is so important to achieve any business success.

  • By changing your attitude, you will change your business.

  • We also focus on discipline and routines that successful business people follow.

Module 2: 

Expand your network of potential clients

  • Getting more clients is the way to grow our businesses, right?

  • To do that, you need to know exactly who you're targetting as your ideal client and where to find them​.

  • Once you've found them, you need to know how to communicate with them to clinch the deal.

Module 3: 

Redefine your services

  • This module is about your home staging business specifically.

  • What services do you offer?

  • How have you positioned them?

  • Are you offering a solution to your clients' problems?

  • If you can solve your client's current challenge, you've opened that all important door to working them them.

Module 4:

Persuading your client to work with you specifically 

  • Do you know how to distinguish yourself from other Home Stagers?

  • By creating your niche in the market with a memorable profile, you will be able to compete against other Home Stagers without lowering your fees.

  • This module also focusses on creating a convincing presentation that gets you the business.

Module 5: 

Building systems to be top of mind for your clients

  • ​To be top of mind for your client ideal, you need to implement consistent systems. Only with these, will you achieve consistent results - the steady flow of business. 

  • Here we learn about how to stay in frequent contact with your ideal clients.

  • Also how to create appropriate marketing content in your social media, emails and blogs. 

Module 6: 

Pricing and quoting

  • Last, but very importantly, we focus on making money consistently once you've reached your client.

  • How do you present a quote that appeals to your client? Is a monetary value enough, or do you need to put more info? If yes, what?

  • How do your clinch the deal?

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What's included in the course

SIX 60-minute online live Zoom tutorials over 2 months

Starting on Tuesday 3 February 2021. Check the Course dates below.

If you miss a session, don't worry. You can watch it on the following day.

2 Group Question and Answer sessions

Bring your questions to these interactive Question and Answer sessions, of 60-90 minutes. No question is silly or embarrassing. (Probably every one wants to ask the same thing :))

*BONUS* A 50-minute individual Zoom session with me valued at R1750 ($115)

This is your chance to show me all your marketing material and get my realistic honest feedback on its strengths and weak points - or discuss any marketing issue you care to. I'll make a date with each participant The only proviso is that it's within 30 days of the end of the course. 

Worksheets for every module

Most of us can't take it all in at once. These worksheets are designed to consolidate your learning; inject new ideas and generally keep you on track :)

Private Facebook Group

You have the option of belonging to a private Facebook group for this Course where we can all share content and idea.

Two year access to the course content

You'll be able to watch all the videos and download all notes for 2 years.


Your trainer

Liesa Jossel

Boy! Have I come a long way since I started Home Stagers Cape Town in October 2017 from zero. I've successfully staged around 50 properties, of all sizes, styles and price ranges and have numerous loyal and repeat clients.

I did this the hard way through trial and lots of error, as well as coaching from some fabulous mentors. One of these is Caroline Jurgens. She's an entrepreneur with a successful home staging business, a successful home staging training business and a staging furniture business. Here background is in marketing. We've joined forces to offer you our learnings and experience in this Grow you Business course. This is the first time it's being offered in English.


Here's what you'll learn:

  • How to talk to estate agents to get them to want to introduce you to sellers.

  • Which agents to focus on, which are your "ideal" clients.

  • How to convince sellers to sign up for your services and pay you what your services are really worth. 

  • How to communicate  the right message in all your marketing.


I'm looking forward to sharing all my learning and experience with you in this course to help you take your business to the level of wealth and security, while doing something you love. 

What past participants are saying 

Yolanda Anton Rejon

What I loved most was your honesty and realism, as well as your approachability  I also loved how seriously you took each issue and the applicability of the course in general.

Esther Garcia Diaz

I honestly can't think of a single criticism. The content was super interesting and exactly what I was looking for. 

Beatriz Ramo

My business was not bringing in clients, which is why I decided to do this course. I found every single module useful. Perhaps what I didn't expect was how important your attitude is in creating your reality and bringing in new business.

Course dates

All sessions are on a Tuesday at 18:30 GMT+2 (Johannesburg time)


The course starts on 2 February and ends on 23 March 2021. Amazingly, the dates are exactly the same for February and March this year! A good sign.


The dates circled in pink are Modules 1-6.

The dates boxed in red are the Q&A sessions.


We will set up a time and date for your personal one-on-one during the course.

OPTION 1: Pay Before 20 January 2021

R5799 ($389)



R700 ($45)


Missed the Early Bird? Pay by 31 January 2021

R6499  ($439)

OPTION 3: Pay in 2 installments

Ist instalment: By 31 January: R3399 ($225)

2nd instalment: By 27 Feb: R3399 ($225)


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