Branch in a Glass Jar


Quoting & getting paid

  • What are the best options for getting paid?

  • Which options are higher risk?

  • How much does it actually cost to stage empty rooms?

Writing on Computer


Legal stuff

Admin is part of any business, unfortunately.

  • What are the legal issues?

  • What does your contract with your clients need to say?

  • What legal entity should your business be?

Green Cabinet


Marketing and social media

No business can succeed without marketing.

  • How do you reach clients?

  • What's your business's identity?

  • Where and how should you market?

Beige Home Items

Your final project

Your final project incorporates all your learning. 

If you do it well, you will pass the course and receive a certificate.

White Room


Introduction to Home Staging

  • How staging appeals to a buyer's mind and heart

  • Statistics that show that staging works

  • What happens if buyers don't stage

  • Is staging the same as interior decorating?

Wall Decor


Preparing the Home and Understanding the Principles of Home Staging

  • Approx 20 plus staging principles

  • Discuss Before and Afters

  • How to prepare the house for showings

Camera Books



  • Crucial do's and dont's when photographing sale properties

  • Get great photos for your home staging website

Hanging a Nail on the Wall


Your first project

  • How do you deal with your first project?

  • Invaluable checklist for properties

  • Ideas for sourcing furnishings

  • What's going to happen on the day of installation



    Is the course totally online?

    No, the course has a digital and personal component through:

    • Videos

    • Work books

    • Individual contact with me and feedback on your practical exercises and projects 

  • Do I really have to study to become a home stager?

    No, you don’t. You can learn by trial and error. But you will avoid many pitfalls and save yourself a lot of time and money by investing in this course. You’ll get a professional grounding and have the confidence and knowledge to offer your services once you’ve completed your course.

  • Does the course start on a specific date?

    No. You can start the course whenever you want. You can watch the videos at your own pace. Some students like to watch the whole module and then go back over certain key sections. Others watch more slowly, stopping and taking notes as they go along. Do whatever your learning style is.

  • How can I do a project if I don't have any clients?

    You can choose to restyle a room or home from scratch or use the existing furniture. Many students use their own homes as their projects. Some students ask a friend if they can do their house, and a few phone agents and offer to do it for free to build goodwill.
    It doesn’t matter what property you do. The point of the project is to apply what you learn and start working out the costs and time involved so you know what to charge when you get a real project.

  • Is the course certificated?

    Yes, you will get a certificate after you complete the project successfully.

Module 1:

Have you got the right mindset?

  • In this module, we focus on why your mental attitude is so important to achieve any business success.

  • By changing your attitude, you will change your business.

  • We also focus on discipline and routines that successful business people follow.

Module 2: 

Expand your network of potential clients

  • Getting more clients is the way to grow our businesses, right?

  • To do that, you need to know exactly who you're targetting as your ideal client and where to find them​.

  • Once you've found them, you need to know how to communicate with them to clinch the deal.

Module 3: 

Redefine your services

  • This module is about your home staging business specifically.

  • What services do you offer?

  • How have you positioned them?

  • Are you offering a solution to your clients' problems?

  • If you can solve your client's current challenge, you've opened that all important door to working them them.

Module 4:

Persuading your client to work with you specifically 

  • Do you know how to distinguish yourself from other Home Stagers?

  • By creating your niche in the market with a memorable profile, you will be able to compete against other Home Stagers without lowering your fees.

  • This module also focusses on creating a convincing presentation that gets you the business.

Module 5: 

Building systems to be top of mind for your clients

  • ​To be top of mind for your client ideal, you need to implement consistent systems. Only with these, will you achieve consistent results - the steady flow of business. 

  • Here we learn about how to stay in frequent contact with your ideal clients.

  • Also how to create appropriate marketing content in your social media, emails and blogs. 

Module 6: 

Pricing and quoting

  • Last, but very importantly, we focus on making money consistently once you've reached your client.

  • How do you present a quote that appeals to your client? Is a monetary value enough, or do you need to put more info? If yes, what?

  • How do your clinch the deal?


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