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Are you struggling with ugly or neglected or cluttered property that won't move? Wouldn't it make selling easier and faster if the property was beautifully presented?

This short course specially for busy estate agents gives you tried and tested knowledge to show your clients how to make some adjustments that won't break the bank, but that will make the property sell faster!

What's in the course?

This course has three pre-recorded video modules, each with a workbook for practical exercises. It's designed for busy agents to work with sellers who are living in their homes.


It's practical and full of tricks and tips to help your client's property sell. The course does not include information on how to start a business.


Each module has a handout with all the information from the video, so you can take notes while you watch. Read the info on each module and FAQs below.

And then, enrol and start selling like mad!

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Introduction to Home Staging

  • Why stage?

  • Staging internationally and locally.

  • Why staging is so important for sellers, buyers and property professionals. 

  • Stats you can use to convince your sellers.

  • Analysis of financial loss for sellers who don’t stage. 

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Preparing the Home and Understanding the Principles of Home Staging

  • Before and afters 

  • How to stage your client's property - around 20 tips and strategies

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  • Buyers look at properties for sale online first, which is why photographs are so important. 

  • The important do’s and donts of photographing properties for sale or rent. 

  • Even if you ultimately prefer to use a professional photographer, you need to know these basic principles.

Some frequently asked questions

Is the course totally online?

No, the course has a digital and personal component through:

  • Videos

  • Work books

  • Individual contact with me and feedback on your practical exercises and projects

Does the course start on a specific date?

No. You can start the course whenever you want. You can watch the videos at your own pace. Some students like to watch the whole module and then go back over certain key sections. Others watch more slowly, stopping and taking notes as they go along. Do whatever your learning style is.

Is the course certificated?

Yes, you will get a certificate that you can show to your clients.

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