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The Business Start Up Course (Comprehensive) is designed for people who want to start your own business. My aim is to give you a really solid foundation in all aspects of home staging. You'll learn about designing, pricing, sourcing furniture, making a profit, getting clients and much more. The course includes resources to download and use in your business. Importantly, this course comes with a great deal of mentorship from me. Read on...



What's in the course?

This course is made up of seven video-based modules and a project. Each module has a handout with all the information from the video, so you can take notes while you watch. Read the info on each module and FAQs below.

White Room


Introduction to Home Staging

This module introduces you to the world of staging internationally and locally, and to why staging is so important for sellers, buyers and property professionals. We debunk some myths, look at stats, and analyse what the financial loss for sellers who don’t stage. We finish with practical exercises to help you review the module.

Wall Decor


Preparing the Home and Understanding the Principles of Home Staging

There are specific staging guidelines when working with sale or rental properties. We examine each of them, using extensive Before and After examples. We also discuss what needs to be done when preparing a home for a show day. We end with practical exercises for you to develop a deeper understanding of staging.

Camera Books



Buyers look at properties for sale online first, which is why photographs are so important. In this module, we focus on the important do’s and don'ts of photographing properties for sale or rent. Even if you ultimately prefer to use a professional photographer, you need to know these basic principles.

Hanging a Nail on the Wall


Your first project

In this module, we assume you are venturing out to do your first professional staging job. Exciting, but perhaps a little daunting.

We guide you through the various types of staging possibilities and services you could offer. We provide two forms with all the information you need to use in your actual work: one for empty houses and one for occupied homes. There is also a list of what every stager needs in your toolkit.

We discuss options for sourcing furnishings and the big day – the day you install. We end with practical exercises that consolidate what you have learned in this module.

Branch in a Glass Jar


Philosophy and Payment

This module starts with how to develop a good reputation as a home stager. We examine different options for getting paid and the risks associated with each. We spend time working out the costs of staging three rooms in an actual empty house that I’ve staged.

Another important aspect we talk about at length is feeling empowered, valuing yourself and charging professional fees.  As usual, we end with practical exercises.

Writing on Computer



Admin is part of any business, and in this module we focus on admin that pertains specifically to home staging enterprises. Apart from the legal aspects, we deal in detail with different ways of quoting, invoicing and the essentials of your agreement with the seller (or whoever is paying for your services). I share actual quotes and agreements and end with optional practical exercises.​

Green Cabinet


Marketing and social media

In this module, we deal in detail with different aspects of marketing, how you reach clients, creating your identity and your marketing materials. We show you many examples, and I give you examples from my own branding journey.​ We end with practical exercises where you will create your own identity and logo.

Beige Home Items

Your final project

This is a practical exercise to recap what we’ve learned in modules 1 to 4. You’ll do a project of your choice, which challenges and develops you as a home stager. You'll have to send me your before and after photos, and I will give you feedback to evaluate and possibly improve your work.

Is the course totally online?

No, the course has a digital and personal component through:

  • Videos

  • Work books

  • Individual contact with me and feedback on your practical exercises and projects 

Do I really have to study to become a home stager?

No, you don’t. You can learn by trial and error. But you will avoid many pitfalls and save yourself a lot of time and money by investing in this course. You will benefit from my experience and from the experience and knowledge of my European associate, Caroline Jurgens, founder of Lúmina Instituto de Home Staging. My courses are based on the Lúmina course, which has been delivered to more than 200 students. You’ll get a professional grounding and have the confidence and knowledge to offer your services once you’ve completed your course.

Does the course start on a specific date?

No. You can start the course whenever you want. You can watch the videos at your own pace. Some students like to watch the whole module and then go back over certain key sections. Others watch more slowly, stopping and taking notes as they go along. Do whatever your learning style is.

How can I do a project if I don't have any clients?

You can choose to restyle a room or home from scratch or use the existing furniture. Many students use their own homes as their projects. Some students ask a friend if they can do their house, and a few phone agents and offer to do it for free to build goodwill.
It doesn’t matter what property you do. The point of the project is to apply what you learn and start working out the costs and time involved so you know what to charge when you get a real project.

Is the course certificated?

Yes, you will get a certificate after you complete the project successfully.

Student reviews

From day one I enjoyed all the  modules 1-7. Very insightful and clear in terms of how one can run the business and be successful in their own right. Additional resources are there, which is something one does not find in other courses. Well done Liesa for sharing such knowledge with us.

Zukiswa Gxalaba

Thank you Home Stagers Training for offering such an amazing and very clear guidance as to setting up my Home Staging Business. All the modules are informative and easy to relate too and well laid out. This has been a great starting point to my business. Thank you!! 

Anna Ansenheim

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