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What are the best colours for homes staging?

This week, I home staged a small studio apartment. I didn't sleep all that well the night before, because I was still deciding what colours to use. You'd think after all these years running a home staging business, I could stage with my eyes shut. But no. Being decisive when staging is not one of my strengths...

I felt that since this is a very small space, with no division between the sitting area, the kitchen and the bedroom, I should use a very simple palette. I was grateful that the walls were an off-white. It can be really difficult to stage places with yellow, grey or even beige walls.


My go-to colour for home staging is yellow. Mind you, I'm talking accessories here, not big furniture. Yellow says sun, joy, happiness. And that's what buyers want to feel.


Lot of home stagers swear by blue. Not navy blue so much, more like teals, turquoises and aqua marine. These work especially well for home staging properties near the coast.

Shades of browns

I also like mustard and rust. They're warm colours and somewhat more unusual than primary colours. I use them for a more sophisticated look.


For this small studio, my gut said green. It's an apartment on an estate with a large garden, which the developers are busy landscaping with all manner of colourful plants. The target market they are trying to attract are "mature" people, wanting to live quietly surrounded by rolling lawns. Green to me says nature, peace and eating healthily.

I went with green. I think it conveys the right emotions. What's your go-to colour for decor?


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