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How to become a well organised Home Stager

If you want to be a successful home stager you have to be organised. You need to plan ahead and be aware of what is required for any one particular job.

I have a list of my inventory on my computer. I update it every time I acquire something new. I keep a notebook with me at all times. And I am always ready for the unexpected.

Here are few of my tips to help you become a more organised stager:-

1. Update your inventory before, during and after each job.

Some home stagers buy furniture and decorative items specifically for home staging, others hire their pieces. Sometimes, you may have to use your own. I always keep an inventory of what is mine, what is hired, and very importantly, where it is.

I update my inventory any time it changes. This way, I don't make mistakes.

2. Keep a notebook and pen with you at all times

Notebooks are helpful for many things. Not only can you write down any fabulous creative ideas you have, but you can make notes of what you need before it goes out of your mind.

If you need pot plants, a new vase, or to rent a dining room table, make a note. We all juggle these days, which can make us forgetful.

In home staging, you cannot afford to be forgetful!

3. Build up relationships with the people you work with.

You never know how quickly you might need to suddenly rent a couch. I know, because in my early home staging days I had two staging jobs on the go, when I was given a new and urgent job. I needed furnishings for a townhouse but my one couch was in an apartment and the other in a large house.

I panicked until I remembered the furniture place down the road that does rentals. Luckily, I had reached out to them before so I knew their name and number and they came to my rescue in a flash.

Build up relationships with the people you work well with, and always keep their numbers on hand. And remember, this includes other home stagers; you can support and help one another.

4. Be smart with your thinking

This goes with ‘planning ahead.’ Do you need to buy another new couch as part of your stock, or can you hire one? Do you really need a dining room table or are you happy to use yours? Is it likely you are going to get another job soon? YES, IT IS! Be smart with your staging, improvise if you have to, be organised, and watch how successful you are.

I run home staging classes online and offer recognised and excellent home staging courses. Follow my blog for more tips, or contact me right here.

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