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CASE STUDY: The job of the home stager

Part of a home stager's job is showing sellers where to get the MOST bang for their buck when they are getting ready to sell. This is not always easy... some sellers are not open to hearing, and others don't want to invest in the property they're selling.

You need to be tactful but firm in explaining why a lick of paint and a few other crucial improvements can mean the difference between a Quick Sale or a Long Drawn Out Sale with Price Reductions.

Hurray! A seller who listened!

This lovely seller had a long list of things she wanted to have fixed in her empty property. Some things were really tiny, that no buyer would notice. I redirected her to spend money on things that would have an impact.

  • A BRIGHT YELLOW DOOR says hello, happy people live here.

  • A relatively inexpensive solar tube lights up a room 1000%.

  • Paint black kitchen cupboards white.

None of these were on the seller's list, but thankfully she listened.

One week later, an OFFER was in (bond pending)! With 36 properties in the same suburb within the same price range, that's quite a feat.

I do LOVE my job as a home stager.

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