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5 things I love about my home staging job

I know it might sound a bit clichéd but I really love everything about the home staging work that I do. My work inspires and fulfils me, I meet new and interesting people, I get to do what I love every single day, and I get to keep buying fabulous cushions and decorative objects, probably the only thing I need help with! My work feels creative.

Each job is different and I never get bored. I am constantly learning new things, and teaching others, and feel that home staging has opened up a whole new world for me.

This is a world that involves staging houses, apartments, offices and studios, small and large, and training others to do the same.Here are the five things I love most about home staging:

1. I meet the best people

I love working with new people, chatting, socialising and talking about all things to do with property, design and decor. I meet and work with real estate agents, sellers, interior decorators and other home stagers. Sometimes I work alone and sometimes I work with a team. I get to use my creativity when coming up with different ways of staging a home, and love the camaraderie that takes place, especially when the home sells quickly!

2. Each job brings interesting challenges

I stage homes of all sizes and in many different areas. Some homes are empty and I need to come up with amazing ways of decorating and staging the home, while others are furnished but need a full on clean up and a good eye. I have a good eye! It brings me such delight when people walk into a room and say WOW, that is an incredible transformation. Often I have to work on a budget and it’s pretty rewarding to meet the budget and get approval and affirmation. Sometimes I work with an unlimited budget which is amazing. I’ve been lucky to stage some beautiful homes, but I have also staged pretty ordinary homes that have been snapped up fast.I love that!

Clean, fresh, with nice artwork... This home I staged sold on DAY 1.

3. I have a lot of work

There are always houses, apartments and offices on the market and these days, owners want to sell quickly. I get my home staging jobs through word-of-mouth, via estate agents and from sellers directly.

I am busier than I have ever been and love that I get to choose which jobs I want to take on, can work my own hours and am pretty independent. My home staging is successful so of course I love that I am earning well, and generally, feel secure in my choice of career.

4. I have a bit of a problem with cushions

I’m a bit obsessed with decor and have built up a fabulous supply of furnishings. I definitely have enough sofas, side tables, rugs, book shelves and vases, to stage a few home at a time, but I keep buying cushions! I am lucky I can indulge my decor obsession, spending hours on Houzz and other similar websites but someone, please stop me from buying more cushions! Although the ones I have are indeed very beautiful!

Just a few of my many scatter cushions...

5. Brainstorming with colleagues

I am constantly inspired by my home staging colleagues, most of whom I've met through my home staging training course. The course is intense, we cover a lot of ground, and we build up strong relationships, quickly. Even after the course we continue to work together, sharing ideas and brainstorming and we really make a great home staging team! My work is never lonely and I get to do what I love, every single day.

I’m lucky. What about you?

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