Study to be a Professional Home Stager

  • Do you have a passion for decor?

  • Are you longing to start a business that's creative, fun and income producing with few start up costs?

  • Or are you an estate agent wanting to add an extra skill to your portfolio to get more mandates?


Home staging is a great career for creatives and a valuable skill set for estate agents. Join me on an exciting journey to get all the training, ideas, practice, motivation and coaching you need. 

You have one life.  Choose to live it doing what you love.​ 


In 2019, I launched Home Stagers Training after establishing my home staging business, Home Stagers Cape Town, 18 months earlier.


Within a year, around 50 completed the Comprehensive Business Start Up course.  Many  have started their own home staging businesses. But don't let that scare you. There is more than enough work for all of us.

Estate agents who want to be able to help their sellers sell faster (and get their commission sooner) have completed my Estate Agents Course with great success. 

I mentor my students during and after the course. I am the only home stager offering training in South Africa. I award full scholarships to deserving candidates.

Come join this growing industry and do what you love doing.


Liesa xx

Home Staging Training South Africa

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Thank you Liesa, for being an incredible inspiration and making this rather daunting decision to change my career path very exciting. You have been willing and kind to help every step of the way. 


The comprehensive online course is easy to use, the videos are very detailed and practical, it gives you a great foundation to build from. I found that I have gained a lot of knowledge and insight to the world of Home Staging.

Marcelle Falcke

The course was amazing and really opened my eyes to Home Staging and what it entails. I liked that you also explained the psychology side behind why you do Home Staging and how it affects people buying and selling which is so important.


Thank you for also always being so kind over Whatsapp and your guidance every step of the way in my journey. It is truly appreciated. 🌼

Caron Bronkhorst

I really like the way you set up the video and the modules. Thank you! 


The concept that you take what you have and look at it differently, and creatively change it into something beautiful and elegant appeals to me greatly. All my years working as a hairstylist I found that that was my magic tool that I loved the must and that inspired me the most. So from hair to houses, and I have found a similar spark!

Renee Nell

3 reasons why Staging Business can Survive and Thrive in Covid-19 

Is it wise to be starting a home staging business in this environment? I believe that home stagers will be used much more widely in this recession. Here are 3 reasons why:

Problem: We're in a recession. Are stagers needed?


Staging is recession proof. It thrives in a depression.

Staging started in a recession in the USA in the 70s when one clever agent realised she needed an advantage for her properties to be noticed first. Barb Schwarz launched what has become a multi-billion industry in many countries. Staging is one of the few recession proof industries. People may not need interior decorators right now; but they still need plumbers and electricians and estate agents. And estate agents need Home Stagers to massively increase the chances of selling their properties. 

Staged and sold in less than 30 days on photos during lockdown.

Problem: Serious sellers need to sell fast


Staging sells properties faster

Only serious sellers are going to put their homes on the market. These are people with empty investment properties, people emigrating or need to scale down urgently. They can't afford having their property stand for months on the market. Sellers can reduce their prices drastically to get a sale; or invest in staging and sell faster. It's a fact: Staged properties sell 3 times faster, and frequently for a better price.

Staged and sold in less than 30 days on photos during lockdown.

Problem: Too much supply for demand


Staging makes that all important "wow" connection online and in real life

There are more properties on the market than buyers. To compete, your property has to really stand out first online, and then in person. There has to be a match between the online and the real viewing which is why computer generated "staging" doesn't achieve the same results. The buyer is inevitably disappointed and feels misled when faced with an empty property.

Staged after lockdown eased to Level 4. SOLD in 4 days.

Staging an empty property

Every empty property, no matter how modern or beautiful, needs to be staged. People buy with their eyes and their hearts, and not with logic. From the moment a buyer sees a property to the subconscious decision to buy is a matter of seconds. In the video below, I staged a very modern luxury development which had several units to sell. The video gives you some idea of what a day's staging is actually like.

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