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What's in the Home Staging Business Course

SEVEN pre-recorded  modules each dealing with design or business home staging issues

A personal evaluation of your hands on staging project (optional extra)

A certificate of achievement when you successfully complete your project

SEVEN workbooks for each module with tons of practical exercises to get you started and give you confidence

Membership of a private home stagers group (optional)

Great discounted rates on future home staging courses and videos

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About me

It's never too late to follow a dream

I became a home stager at 56.


It came in the form of a fluke. I had refurbished a little investment house, which the agent said would be difficult to sell empty, and had I thought about staging it? 

Eeek! How do you stage a house? I had no idea. But I begged, borrowed, rented and bought and staged my first property.


It SOLD on the first day. PHEW! Literally 30 groups of people came to see it. 


The estate agent loved me. You can imagine - she did one day's marketing and sold the house. Soon she asked me to stage another property. It SOLD in no time! 


And that's how my staging business, Home Stagers Cape Town, was born. I never expected to become a home stager, but I've always loved decorating. Since then I've staged dozens of properties, in all sizes, styles and price ranges. 


You might wonder why if I'm a home stager, I'm training other home stagers. Because there's a big pie and there's a slice for all of us. I'm only one teeny one focussing on a small area in Cape Town. There's a whole country with hundreds of thousands of properties for sale and rent.


In 2019 I launched my home staging online courses on this website. I love training new home stagers. It is SO rewarding to see people go on to start their own successful businesses, as many do. I keep in touch with all of them, and it's a joy to follow their careers. Some people take a while to get going, others start immediately.

Currently, the course is ONLINE. It is a combination of:

  • 7 pre-recorded videos,

  • 7 sets of practical activities

  • A hands on project

  • Personal feedback and evaluation from me, AND

  • a wonderful group of fellow home stagers collaborating with each other.

The photo is of my students in the first LIVE course I held.


SOUND GOOD? Read on...


Module 1: Introduction to home staging

  • What is home staging?

  • How does it work psychologically?

  • How to talk to sellers and agents about the benefits of staging

  • Stats that support the success of home staging

  • Why staging is NOT interior decorating

Module 2: Design elements of home staging

  • 30 design principles of staging

  • Before and after photos to show you how to stage

Module 3: Photography

  • How to take photos for staging

  • The ins and outs of home staging photography

  • What to watch out for and avoid

Module 4: Your first project: What to expect

  • What services you can offer as a stager

  • Consultations vs staging empty properties

  • Download your checklist for the day

  • What's in your toolbox

  • Buying vs renting furniture: what's best?

  • Where to rent furniture

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More Modules

Module 5: The legal stuff

  • What kind of company should you be

  • What your contract must say

  • Pitfalls of gaps in your contract

Module 6: Quoting, pricing, invoicing

  • Buying vs renting furniture: what's best?

  • Where to rent furniture

  • How to cost out a staging job

  • How to work out your profit

  • What every stager needs in their toolbox

  • What your contract must say

  • Pitfalls of gaps in your contract

  • Various options on how to quote for a job

  • Practice in quoting for a job

Module 7: Marketing your home staging business

  • Your business name, logo and website

  • Content for your website

  • Where and how to market your business

  • Deciding on social media platforms for your business

  • Networking

Hands on Project 

You choose a project to stage (it can be your own home, or a friend's, or a house on the market). You can restyle it or do an empty home. I give you detailed feedback.

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Michaela Bridgman Opittz, Cape Town

Thanks for being such an encouraging, personal and personable teacher. What a blessing for me to have found you.

Jacqueline Raubenheimer, Stellenbosch

I knew I had the feel, the ability, and the knowhow to restyle a home. But I didn't realise how different it was to actually stage a home.

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Charne Wentzel, Pretoria

I thourougly enjoyed the course. I appreciated the opportunity to work through at my own pace and having access to you to ask questions.

I'm the founder and president of the International Association of Home Staging Professionals in South Africa. This is the only such body in South Africa.

In 2019 and 2020 I won an Award for Excellence Industry Leadership from the IAHSP.

My courses are also accredited by the IAHSP (not many are!)

Caroline Jurgens is my associate partner in Spain. For more info on her courses, click here.

Former students speak

What's a home stager's day really like?

Be part of a home staging community

Successful graduates 

Many students who've studied with me have started their own successful home staging companies. Others are not ready to start yet - they are transitioning from one career and want to have a skill when they are ready. Here are a few businesses that I'm proud to say I helped launch.
Trudy Beetge.jpg

Trudi Beetge, Amanzimtoti

Home Staging for real estate was informative, interesting and definitely a new skill that I can add to my presentation package. I will recommend this for any real estate agent that wants to create a niche in the market and give their sellers excellent service.

This course was so informative. I am adding this service to my professional home organising business. Liesa is a knowledgeable instructor and is passionate about growing the Home Staging industry in South Africa. Thank you so much Liesa!!

Rhona Aves.jpeg

Rhona Aves, Johannesburg

Thank you so much for the great support, webinars and staging tips.

You are a superb teacher.

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Zukie Gxalaba, Malmesbury

From day one I enjoyed all the  modules 1-7. Very insightful and clear in terms of how one can run the business and be successful .


Lynda la Grange, Parow

I loved every minute of the course.  I particularly enjoyed the breakdown of the Costings. I also did a photography course a good few years ago so it was great to refresh on that. All in all a well rounded course.

Home Staging Training Testimonials

Sharon Dell, Durban

Your course is divine. I’ve been through the videos once, but will obviously go through them and the workbooks at least a couple more times.